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12. jan, 2020

Although the goal of a top-160 position (prize money) was not reached, we are happy to have both our participating pigeons throughout the very hard Pattaya Intenational Pigeon Racing program (above 3.500km) and 203 prize as the best final result in a very hard final from 530km.

This is the first time our loft participate in this OLR, and we would like to thanks the loft management in Pattayaoneloftrace for a great executed one loft race and congratulations to all participants with final arrivals.

2. jan, 2020

In parallel with a disappointing end of DAPIRACE (Denmark), a new exciting one loft race is being established at our neighboring Sweden.

"Stockholm International One Loft Race" will take place for the first time in 2020, with OLR final at 26th of September from Sollefteå (440km), and totally 5 races between 160 – 440km.


The loft managment inform use of Benzing Clocking system and use of video at races. 

You will find more info at their facebook site "Stockholm International One Loft Race" 

This one loft race looks interesting to try out, and our loft have decided to participate.

If some other pigeon loft's from our area consider the same, don’t hesitate to contact us for any transport coordination from west-coast of Norway to Oslo and further to Stockholm.

2. jan, 2020

Our breeding pairs 05-06/2020 are now updated at our web page, and exist of new birds and combinations at our loft.

In pair 05/2020 you will find "Son Pokerface" (org. Andreas Drapa) paired with "Lady Totila" (org. Jens Borker)

More info at Pair 05


In pair 06/2020 you will find "Last Limit 57" (org. Nico van Noordenne) paired with "Amazing Het Limit" (org. Helgesen Racing Pigeons).

More info at Pair 06

1. jan, 2020

Our loft ending as number 11th (4 best results) and 15th (2 best results) in FCI Racing Pigeon Granprix 2019

4 best results after 31 races in 2019:
- 3 prize Derby Zagreb FCI Final (500km)
- 16 prize Algarve Great Derby FCI Final (420km)
- 17 prize Superstar FCI Final (390km)
- 36 prize Talent Quatro FCI Final (420km)

2 best results after 31 races in 2019:
- 3 prize Derby Zagreb FCI Final (500km)
- 16 prize Algarve Great Derby FCI Final (420km)

We are very pleased with the progress and results during 2019 and hope we can continue the success further into the 2020 season.

Wish our pigeon friends all the best for the upcomming season, and hopefully we will have many good and exciting competitions ahead of us!