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12. apr, 2017

OLR birds are now prepared for delivery to the “FCI Ostseeflug  Usedom” in Germany,  “FCI DAPIRACE” in Denmark and “TEAM FEMHØJE” in Denmark.

We also participate in these OLR’s during 2016.

Our top-3 results in Ostseeflug  Usedom 2016:

  • 52e / 1.100 birds (Portalegre  - 250km)
  • 137e / 1.100 birds (Branco - 210km)
  • 298e / 1.049 birds (Final - 350km)

The Final Race in 2017 will be raced at 01st of September  (425km)

Link to: Ostseeflug Usedom


Our top-3 results in DAPIRACE 2016:

  • 18e / 900 birds (Hotspot  - 250km)
  • 65e / 850 birds (Final - 350km)
  • 67e / 1.191 birds (Hotspot 115km)

The Final Race in 2017 will be raced at 26th of August (400km)


Our top-3 results in Team Femhøje 2016:

  • 20e/ 151 birds (Final Race - 150km)
  • 46e / 203 birds (Training - 72km)
  • 110e / 179 birds (Training - 109km)

The Final Race in 2017 will be raced at 12th of August (400km)


25. mar, 2017

«MY PRINCESS» is ready for the Team Femhøje middle distance OLR 2017 (yearlings). The  OLR birds will be raced in the section 63 and compete in DDB middel distance at races between 375km to 500km.

She raced 20e in the young bird final at Team Femhøje 2016 and is a nice hen with van Koopen  / Twan Bongers bloodlines.

FATHER (ref. PAIR 11) is direct from Koos van Koopen and a full brother “4008” won 3e young bird WHZB,  “8008” won 1e Quievrain, “8007” won 1e Sens.

Father is a grandson «Son Blauwe Vierzon» (raced 1e / 1.236b – Ablis, 2e / 1.170 – Ablis) x «Wondergirl» who is full sister of father of 1 NPO winner Blois young bird ’09 (Versteeg Cor).

MOTHER (ref. PAIR 12) is direct from Twan Bongers and is a granddaughter of “SUPERKLAMPER” (grandson KLAMPER”) and the super racer and breeder “KIMLYNN” who win 1e INT.NAT. / 22.319b Perpignan 2006 (1.016km)


The distance for the young bird OLR FINAL is planned to increase and hopefully be a race between 400-450km. We are planning to participate with at least two young birds in 2017.


6. mar, 2017

One of our new breeders is «Son 69» - an inbred «Kleine Dirk» cock with a twist of the best Leo Heremans lines.

FATHER «Son 69» is «INBRED KLEINE DIRK» - a cock with 2x 1st prizes himself - and sire to 4 x 1st prizes. He is grandson of the world famous legend «KLEINE DIRK» and grandson the super breeder «KLEINE GERARD» (son KLEINE DIRK).

«KLEINE GERARD» is father and grandfather to 17 different 1st prize winners!


MOTHER «Son 69» is the young super racer «De 069» - with 4x 1st prizes:

  • 1e NATIONAL Bourges Zone as yearling (1.674 pigeons)
  • 2e NATIONAL Bourges Yearling (10.141 pigeons)
  • 1e Souppes-Sur-Loing (306 pigeons)
  • 1e Noyon (310 pigeons)
  • 1e Angerville (281 pigeons)

«FATHER De 069» is inbred the «OLYMPIADE 003» (Gr.daughter and Gr.Gr.daughter), foundation cock at Leo Heremans - and one of the best breeders ever.

«MOTHER De 069» is inbred «KLEINE DIRK» (double Grand daughter) and after the super breeding hen "DIRKY" (mother to 15x 1st prizes)

2. mar, 2017

Sire in pair 13 (Original Meldgaard / Jeppesen) is a full brother to one of the best racers in Denmark in 2016 (070-14-1023 NEW KANNIBAAL) with following amazing results:

  • 3x Region winner (2016)
  • 1e / 2.098b (310km - Celle)
  • 1e / 1.076b (507km - Antwerpen and fastest in Denmark from 3318 pigeons)
  • 1e / 796b (516km - Dresden and fastest i Denmark from 1841 pigeons)
  • 1e ACE BIRD in the region
  • 2e / 866b Region (471 km – Gotha)
  • 7e / 111b Section Dresden (516km),
  • 9e / 370 Section Soltau

He also won 1 prize in the Section in 2015)

More info under section PAIR 13

25. feb, 2017

The first OLR young birds are soon ready for delivery to the «Derby del Mediterraneo» in Spain. This One Loft Race we particiate also in 2016.

Our top-3 results in 2016:

  • 54 / 999 birds (Cambrils - 146km)
  • 182 / 967 birds (Vilanova - 200km)
  • 85 / 908 birds (FCI Final - 320km)

The Final Race in 2017 will be raced at 22nd of July (505km)

Link to: Derby del Mediterraneo