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28. nov, 2017
28. nov, 2017

Our «BLUE DREAM» is now for sale at the Golden Race Algarve auction.

This nice youngster raced:

  • 235e / 2.812b (207km)
  • 340e / 2.609b (292km)
  • 1.229e / 2.624b (496km)

MOTHER is granddaughter "KIMLYNN" who won 1prize (22.319 birds) INT.Perpignan '05

FATHER from 1 price FCI winner Siebert (2 best out of 4 races) won 24 prize (200km), 53 prize (108km) and 74 prize (117km) in Derby Mediterraneo 2016.


Auction ending 22:45 at Thursday 30.11.2017

19. nov, 2017

Our 114 prize FCI winner «YOUNG DIRK» is now for sale at the Talent Quatro auction.

This very nice youngster is full brother to 19th ACE bird, 58 prize (FCI final 330km), 84 prize (102km) in MIRA OLR 2017

MOTHER is inbred “Kleine Dirk” from Koen van Roy

FATHER is inbred “Kannibaal” from Mellgaard / Jeppesen


Auction ending 21:15 at Saturday 25.11.2017