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21. okt, 2017

Helgesen Racing Pigeons - Top OLR results 2017

14. okt, 2017

Org. Helgesen Racing Pigeons (Drapa / Stroetges)

14. okt, 2017

Our 57 prize semi-final (250km) winner in DAPIRACE 2017 is now for sale.

«NEW NO 1» is ranked 228th in the FCI Final (410km).

FATHER is a new breeding cock at our loft and inbred «CHAMP» from A.Drapa. He is Grandson the famous «CASSANDRA» , «SKY FIGHTER» and «SHAKIRA» from A.Drapa.

MOTHER is Granddaughter 1 INT and 2 ACE bird in DAPIRACE 2013 and is a daughter “KENIA” raced 9th INT Derby Arona 2015.


Auction ending 14:00 at Sunday 22.10.2017

13. okt, 2017

Org. Helgesen Racing Pigeons (Jens Borker - Prange / Roy van Koen)

13. okt, 2017

Our «SPEED MAGIC» ranked 239 in the Talen Quatro OLR Final 2017 is now for sale.

FATHER is a nice cock after the bloodlines «TOTILA» & «HALLA» from Jens Borker and «KLEINE DIRK».

MOTHER is a direct daughter “BLUE MAGIC” from Jens Borker.


Auction ending 21:00 at Saturday 14.10.2017