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23. jun, 2019

Another good performance at Team Femhøje 2019 were our «Lucky You» from 2018 won a 1st prize from Aaberaa (269km) and ranked as number 9th in the section 063. 

This lady raced 54th in the young bird final at Team Femhøje 2018 and is after our Jens Borker and Nico van Noordenne bloodlines. She is now climbing in the ACE Team Femhøje Championship 2019 and ranked as number nine after 5 races.

FATHER is from Team MOJO and is from 50/50 Borker / Noordenne bloodlines. Grandfather is a direct son of Borker´s famous “BLUE MAGIC” and Grandmother is after Noordennes “TORERO” bloodlines.

MOTHER is direct from Nico van Noordenne and after his “HAPPY HARDCORE” and “EMERVEENS HOPE” bloodlines.

25. mai, 2019

Very nice start in Team Femhøje 2019 were «My Princess» from 2016 won 1 prize from Husum (332km) and 3rd in section/province 063.

This nice lady raced 20e in the young bird final at Team Femhøje 2016 and was 2nd ACE bird in the Team Femhøje Yearling Championship 2017

«My Princess» is a nice hen with van Koppen  / Twan Bongers bloodlines, with following prizes above 400km in Team Femhøje Yearling Championship 2017:

  • 2 prize Althona 425km (1.467m/min)
  • 2 prize Soltau 500km (1.215m/min)
  • 3 prize Althona 425km (1.137m/min

FATHER (ref. PAIR 11/2019) is direct from Koos van Koopen and full brother “4008” won 3e young bird WHZB,  “8008” won 1e Quievrain, “8007” won 1e Sens.

Father is a grandson «Son Blauwe Vierzon» (raced 1e / 1.236b – Ablis, 2e / 1.170 – Ablis) x «Wondergirl» who is full sister of father of 1 NPO winner Blois young bird ’09 (Versteeg Cor).

MOTHER is direct from Twan Bongers and is a daughter of “SUPERKLAMPER” (grandson KLAMPER”) and the super racer and breeder “KIMLYNN” who win 1e INT.NAT. / 22.319b Perpignan 2006 (1.016km)

FULL SISTER (NOR-032-16-484) raced in Norway 2rd prize at Drevsjø (450km), and is mother of our  "DREVSJØ 131" ranked 141e in DAPIRACE OLR Final 2018 (400km).

HALF-SISTER (same father)  «THEA» raced 14 prize at Derby Sofia semi-final 2017 (265km) and ended as 19 ACE bird (2.400 birds) after 4 races (135km-190km-265km-420km)


21. mai, 2019

Another great reference in Europe from our bloodlines, and this time from Portugal.

A daughter of our OLR racer «STREET FIGHTHER» (NOR-032-16-328) won 1 prize from Valdefierro 644km (Province: 3°/3.522 pigeons)

«STREET FIGHTHER» and father of the 1 prize winner, won himself a 19th prize in FARO OLR Final 2016 and is after our breeding PAIR 05/2019

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26. mar, 2019

A son of Günter Götz 1st ACE General (6 races - 1979km) and 1st ACE Fond (515km + 525km) in Corabia 2017 is added to our loft.

22. mar, 2019

The Norwegian birds for Talent Quatro OLR 2019 will be transported from Norway the 2nd of April.

Latest delivery of birds will be at Stavanger Monday 1st of April 18:00. Alternative delivery will be at our loft Sunday 31st of March within 20:00 a´clock.

Please contact us, if you like to participate and need some more info.

See Talent Quatro web page for OLR details.

Prize for a team of 6 birds (5 birds + 1 free) is 350 EUR + transport. Alternative, you can pay 70 EUR per bird if you like to participate with less a one team.