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15. nov, 2019

Another 10 trainings are planned before the first official race in Pattaya International Pigeon Race is carried out (330km - 13th of December).

The picture next by showing an updated training schedule for the upcoming month.

Wish all the best for reimaing trainings!

8. nov, 2019

Our birds "QUEEN IV" and "KING II" were ranked 101 and 1.028 in Pattaya International Pigeon Race qualification race (120km) towards 3.514 basketed birds.

These birds have the last month raced a total of 18th trainings, like:

  • 2 trainings (15km)
  • 2 trainings (30km)
  • 3 trainings (45km)
  • 3 trainings (60km)
  • 5 trainings (85km)
  • 2 trainings (100km)
  • 1 qualification round (120km)

Before the first official race 13th of December, our birds will hopefully arrived from another 6-7 trainings from 120km to 250km.

The official races in Pattay International Pigeon will be:

  • 13th of December (330km)
  • 27th of December (430km – FCI final)
  • 11th of January (530km – OLR Final)

We are looking forward for the upcoming training period and wishing all participating friends all the best for the remaining trainings.

22. okt, 2019

«SILVER CHANEL» and our 64 prize winner in Romania Golden Pigeons Final (430km / 914 birds) is now for sale.

If interest, see our AUCTIONS MENY for more info

10. okt, 2019

“BLUE FIGHTER” and our 3rd prize winner in Derby Zagreb Final (500kmI is now for sale.

This very nice bird is a Granddaughter of the famous “SKY FIGHTER” from our friend Andreas Drapa.

If interest, see our AUCTIONS MENY for more info

9. okt, 2019

“Wonder 307” and our 16-prize winner in Algarve Great Derby Final 2019 is now for sale at GpLoft web auction.

“Wonder 307” is after our inbred “KLEINE DIRK” bloodlines in combination with our friend Jens Borker’s great “HET WONDER” bloodlines.

If interest, see our AUCTIONS MENY for info and links