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18. okt, 2020

We have now updated our auction page with ongoing OLR auction including our birds like;

- 24p / 1.851b Kalimanci HS4 (300km)

«PILSEN'S 201»
- 18 prize in the Superstar Super Derby Final (450km)

- 42 prize in the Super Derby Final (450km)

- 6 ACE bird in Derby Zagreb (956 birds)

- 182p / 560b in Derby Zagreb Final (500km)

- 214p / 560b (Final 500km)

See our AUCTIONS MENY for more details

8. okt, 2020

"PILSEN'S 201" won a 18th prize and "NEW FIGHTER" won a 42nd prize in a very hard super derby final in Superstar.

"PILSEN'S 201" top-results in Superstar 2020:

  • 18p / 144b (Super Final - 450km)
  • 153p / 516b (OLR Final - 390km)
  • 258p / 846b (HS1 - 100km)
  • 282p / 647b (Semi - 260km)

Nest-sister 182e in Derby Sofia Final 2020 (420km)

Full-brother 36 prize in Talent Quatro Final 2019 (420km) and ranked 30 ACE bird (1.688 birds) 

"NEW FIGHTER" top results in Superstar 2020:

  • - 42p / 144b (Super Final - 450km)
  • - 215p / 516b (Final - 390km)
  • - 335p / 647b (Semi - 260km)

Full-sister/brothers won 3rd prize in Derby Zagreb 2019 (500km) and 11th ACE bird in  Medirerraneo 2018.

"NEW FIGHTER" is half-sister of mother 6th ACE in Derby Zagreb 2020 and 14th ACE (time) in Talent Quatro 2020

1. okt, 2020

“Thunder 216” won an 8th prize in the Superstar FCI Final from 390km.

See our AUCTIONS MENY for more details

30. sep, 2020

We are very satisfied to be ranked as number 9th in the FCI Racing Pigeon Grandprix 2020  (4 best results after 25 races).

FCI ranking are based on following results:

  • 8p/ 516b in Superstar FCI Final (390km)
  • 23p/ 758b in Talent Quatro FCI Final (510km)
  • 34p/ 956b in Ukraina FCI Final (420km)
  • 78p/1.749b in Kalimanci FCI Final (360km)

Very hard competitions and hopefully we will manage to maintenance the good 11th FCI ranking from 2019 at the end of this season.

24. sep, 2020

Our "THUNDER 216" won a 8th prize in the Superstar Final 2020 from 390km.

Great to see all delivered brothers & sisters with final 2020 arrival:
- 8p in Superstar FCI Final (500km)
- 212p in Talen Quatro FCI Final (510km)
- 307p in AS Golden FCI Final (410km)

These birds are Grandchild of "Königin der Ostsee" and winner of the Ostseerennen Final 2015, in additional direct from a full-sister of Günter Götz’s 1 price FCI Final winner in Talent Quatro 2017 (ZIGGY) and 3rd prize winner in Usedom 2016.

Very happy to see also our 17th prize winner in Superstar 2019 produce very well and is father to our 104th prize winner in Superstar 2020 Final.

Also great to see all delivered brothers & sisters of "SUPERSTAR JR" with final 2020 arrival:

  • 104th prize in Superstar FCI Final (500km)
  • 129th prize in Talen Quatro FCI Final (510km)
  • 232p prize in AS Golden FCI Final (410km)

We are also very satisfied with a total of 4 birds arrived in the Superstar final, and would like to thanks the loft management for the season 2020.

See you in Superstar 2021!