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16. okt, 2018

Another top reference showing our loft also can produce very good breeders, in additional to good racers!

We are very happy to inform one of our OLR racer produce a OLR winner, were father of Balla Gianfraco‘s winner in Colombaia Unica Naztional OLR Final 2018 (485km) is bred by our loft.

Also the father of Martin Sævareid winning bird in MIRA FCI final 2017 is bred by our loft.

If interest, see more details in sub-section «REFERENCES»

13. okt, 2018

New auction bird “Kleine 117” is added

This bird won a 198 prize towards 847 birds in the DAPIRACE Final (400km).

Sister won in Ostseerennen 2018:

  • 22p / 1.108b (234km)
  • 57p / 1.367b (212km)

Father of “Kleine 117” is a double grandson of the famous “KLEINE DIRK”

Mother is a granddaughter Nico van Noordenne’s very good racer and breeder “TORERO”



9. okt, 2018
Three more birds added at our auction info page

Following three birds are added:

A direct son of "BONAMO" (inbred "DEN DROMER")

BIRD 7 + 8)
A nice inbred hen of "DEN DROMER" (double granddaughter "DEN DROMER") + a very nice son of her!

If interesting, see separate auction info page

4. okt, 2018

A separate information page is now available under our sub-section «AUCTIONS»

At this page, we would try to inform interested readers about ongoing OLR auction with available birds from our loft.

More info at subsection «AUCTIONS»

Two more auction birds added, and a total of 7 OLR final birds are now available at OLR auctions, include 11th ACE BIRD in Mediterraneo!

2. okt, 2018

A very hard Mediterraneo Final is finished were our “KOPPEN 59” won a 46 prize towards 650 basketed birds (only 178 arrived birds within maximum time). This performance gives the ACE birds ranking 11th out of 1.136 starting birds (only 2 points behind 9th)!!

«KOPPEN 59» is after our «SKYFIGHTER» (Drapa) and Koen van Koppen bloodlines and have following nice results in Mediterraneo OLR 2018:

  • 11th ACE bird (1.136 birds)
  • 46p / 650b (518km - OLR Final)
  • 59p / 933b (146km)
  • 85p / 826b (300km - FCI Final)
  • 392p / 893b (200km)

Full sister «KOPPEN 60» won in Derby Sofia OLR 2018:

  • 73e / 2.356b (100km)
  • 524e / 1.290b (420km - OLR Final)

Half-brother «SILVER FIGHTER» won in Ostseerennen OLR 2017:

  • 80e / 926b (405km - OLR final)
  • 102e / 1.463b (212km) 

Half-sister «THEA» won in Derby Sofia OLR 2017:

14e / 784b (265km)

  • 19 ACE bird (2.400 birds)
  • 144e / 765b (190km)
  • 150e / 810b (420km - OLR final)