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26. mar, 2019

A son of Günter Götz 1st ACE General (6 races - 1979km) and 1st ACE Fond (515km + 525km) in Corabia 2017 is added to our loft.

22. mar, 2019

The Norwegian birds for Talent Quatro OLR 2019 will be transported from Norway the 2nd of April.

Latest delivery of birds will be at Stavanger Monday 1st of April 18:00. Alternative delivery will be at our loft Sunday 31st of March within 20:00 a´clock.

Please contact us, if you like to participate and need some more info.

See Talent Quatro web page for OLR details.

Prize for a team of 6 birds (5 birds + 1 free) is 350 EUR + transport. Alternative, you can pay 70 EUR per bird if you like to participate with less a one team.

21. mar, 2019

A full-sisters of Denys Emiel 1st FCI Black Sea Winner 2018 (505km) is added at our loft, and we looking forward to test Emiel's winning bloodlines.

7. mar, 2019

Two of our arrived birds (white rings) and the birds look great👍🏻

4. mar, 2019

Today it was very nice to say hello to Maziarz during the OLR delivey in Langgöns