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22. aug, 2017

With good performance at todays Talent Quatro race (160km), our loft climbs to a very nice 2nd place after 5 of 16 races in the World League Championship 2017.


This year we participate with 6 birds in the Talent Quatro and our loft has following results in today's race (2 of 5 races):

  • 130e / 947 birds (1230m/min)  «Red Fighter»
  • 157e / 947 birds (1227m/min)  «Speed Magic»
  • 301e / 947 birds (1204m/min)  «DAPI Boy»
  • 363e / 947 birds (1197m/min)  «Trust Me»
  • 420e / 947 birds (1187m/min)  «Young Dirk»
  • 634e / 947 birds (1142m/min)  «Red Kimlynn»

It is still a very long way to go, but we hope our “Quatro Team” continues with good performance both in the World League and the Talent Quatro OLR.

21. aug, 2017

We are very satisfied to inform our loft is ready for the semi-final in the World League Knock Out Championship towards a very good Italian loft by Cristiano Paltrinieri. The quarter-final towards the Spanish loft Domingo Mario Diaz Acos was won after good performance at today's 160km race in Talent Quatro.

The semi-final will take place at Algarve Great Derby 1st of September and the distance will be 180km.

This year we participate with 8 birds in Algarve Great Derby and the status after Hotspot Race 1 is still 8 birds left. It looks like Cristiano Paltrinieri have the same status (8 of 8 birds), so this semi-final race can be very excited to follow.

The other semi-final will be raced by last year Corabia ACE Fond winner (525km 565km) and 2nd ACE General (6 races - 2029km) Karakurt Pigeons towards the good Sporting Pigeons Team from Portugal. 

21. aug, 2017

«My Princess» ended as second ACE bird in the Team Femhøje Yearling Championship 2017.

- 1 ACE bird 16-0050 Bo Knudsen (7.838p)

- 2 ACE bird 16-0348 Bjørn Ove Helgesen (7.782p)

«My Princess» raced 20e in the young bird final at Team Femhøje 2016 and is a nice hen with van Koopen  / Twan Bongers bloodlines.


This year she perform very well with following prizes above 400km:

  • 2 prize Althona 425km - 29/7 (1.467m/min)
  • 2 prize Soltau 500km - 15/7 (1.215m/min)
  • 3 prize Althona 425km - 8/7 (1.137m/min)

FATHER (ref. PAIR 11/2017) is direct from Koos van Koopen and a full brother “4008” won 3e young bird WHZB,  “8008” won 1e Quievrain, “8007” won 1e Sens.

Father is a grandson «Son Blauwe Vierzon» (raced 1e / 1.236b – Ablis, 2e / 1.170 – Ablis) x «Wondergirl» who is full sister of father of 1 NPO winner Blois young bird ’09 (Versteeg Cor).

MOTHER (ref. PAIR 12/2017) is direct from Twan Bongers and is a daughter of “SUPERKLAMPER” (grandson KLAMPER”) and the super racer and breeder “KIMLYNN” who win 1e INT.NAT. / 22.319b Perpignan 2006 (1.016km)

FULL SISTER (NOR-032-16-484) raced in Norway 2rd prize at Drevsjø (450km).

HALF-SISTER (same father)  «THEA» raced 14 prize at Derby Sofia semi-final 2017 (265km) and ended as 19 ACE bird (2.400 birds) after 4 races (135km-190km-265km-420km)

17. aug, 2017

So far, «MISS CORABIA» perform very well in the Corabia OLR 2017.

Results after 3 of 6 races:

- 15 ACE bird towards 1.831 starting birds
- 51p / 933 birds from Sarat (270km)
- 82p / 1.211 birds from Ghimpati (110km)
- 104p / 1.072 birds from Movilta (178km)

«MISS CORABIA» is full sister «BIG COSMO» raced 67 prize in Sofia OLR Final 2017 (420km).

«MISS CORABIA» is from our breeding  PAIR 18 (Comb.Beverdam)

16. aug, 2017

Our last two birds with arrival in Sofa Final 2017 (420km) is now for sale at the Sofia Auction 3 ending 20-08-2017 21:00:00 (20:00 in Norway)

19 ACE bird of 2.400 birds «THEA»  (Van Koopen x Nico Van Noordenne bloodlines)

51 ACE bird of 2.400 birds «BLUE CHAMPION»  (Koopman bloodlines and very nice inbred Kleine Dirk x Inbred Den Dromer)

Note! Auction birds can be delivered in Kassel (October 2017)