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13. sep, 2022

We are super happy with our 2nd prize winner "Harry´s Best" in todays semi-final in Derby Zagreb.

All of out 7 basketed birds performed well in the semi-final and ready for the exiting final from 500km.

Good luck to all participators and the OLR organizer for the upcoming final.

12. sep, 2022

With good performance and a 37 prize in the Germany Classic OLR final, our «Super 202» was ranked 2nd ACE bird at the end. 

Also good performance by the nest-sister who won 69 prize in Ostseerennen OLR final 2022.

Great winning bloodlines from the famous «ROMARIO» and Ad Schaerlaeckens bloodlines!!

14. aug, 2021

Very nice results by our birds in todays Hotspot 3 (270km) in Derby Zagreb with 16, 33, 38 and 149 prizes towards 1.170 birds.

9. jan, 2021
Our "QUEEN II" performed very well in Pattaya OLR and won a 102 prize towards 3.653 birds in the Final from 530km (total 7.401 participating birds in Pattaya OLR 2020 / 2021)
This bird is from our great Drapa and Borker bloodlines and is a grandchild Drapa’s famous “POKERFACE” and Jens Borker’s “TOTILA” x “HALLA”
"QUEEN II" have following top-results in Pattaya OLR 2020/2021
- 24p / 4.467b (245km)
- 54p / 5.198b (120km)
- 102p / 3.653b (OLR Final 530km)
Full-brother/sister raced:
- 10 ACE (2.400b) Sofia 2017
- 20 ACE Fast Rimini 2019
- 26 ACE Mediterraneo 2017
- 37 ACE (1.735b) Usedom 2016
- 45 ACE (2.853b) Sofia 2019
Fullbrother won a 202nd prize in Pattaya Final 2019 (530km)