• "Son Toby"

  • "Daughter Cosmo"

  • Orginal Combination Beverdam
    (Ouwerkerk / Bosua / Eijerkamp)

    FATHER "Toby" is son "CHIEF" (2e NAT ACE Short Distance WHZB 2007)

    MOTHER “Fiona” is these days one of the best hens at Comb. Beverdams breeding loft and is mother to “COSMO” (4th NAT. ACE Pigeon Middle Distance 2014).

  • Orginal Combination Beverdam
    (Ouwerkerk / Bosua / van Loon)

    FATHER “Cosmo” is 4th NAT ACE Pigeon Middle Distance 2014 of Netherlands and brother to “LEON” raced:
    - 1e / 1.487b (St. Quent)
    - 3e / 3.150b (Quievrain)
    - 8e / 3.061b (Hapert)

    MOTHER “Lizzy” is mother to 1st ACE Young Pigeon 2012 and halfsister “Madiba” (1e General ACE Pigeon North East Division)