"Big Breeding Boxes" ensure breeding quality!

The focus of our breeding loft is to participate in the FCI Championship 2017 with vital and good youngsters, which hopefully can improve our FCI results.

This year we have 14 replaced or new birds in combination of existing and new added strains.

Typical new birds from existing strains are from Andreas Drapa (Skyfighter, Young Super Crack, Super Mario, Lucky 848), Jens Borker (Totila, Halla, Blue Magic), Klaus Stieneker (Kannibaal) and Rainer Püttmann (Ringlose 12, Der 330).

Typical new birds with new strains are One Loft Racers from Corabia, Derby Mediterraneo and DAPIRACE in additional to pigeons from Twan Bongers (Aarden / Wanroy) and Comb.Beverdam (van Loon / Janssen).

You will find all our breeding pairs in the sub-menu above and do not hesitate to contact us if you find some interesting pairs / youngsters.

Our breeding lines are listed below

"Daughter Skyfighter" is New at Our Breeding Loft in 2017!

Andreas Drapa (Germany)

Pokerface, Skyfighter, Champ, Carl, Super Mario, Lucky 848, Young Super Crack (Ludo Classen)

Jens Borker (Germany)

Totila, Halla and Blue Magic (Günter Prange), Wonderboy (Dirk van Dyck)

Nico van Noordenne (Holland) 

No Limit, Amazing Suprise, Torero

Van Roy Koen (Belgium)

Bonamo, Den Dromer (C&E Koopman / De Rauw Sablon), Kleine Dirk, Noble Blue (C&E Koopman)

C&G Koopman (Holland)

Den Dromer (De Rauw Sablon), Kleine Dirk

5e ACE Corabia OLR 2016 is New at Our Loft in 2017!

One Loft Racers 2016 - new 2017

  • 1e Corabia Semi-Final 525km (Romania Golden Pigeons)
  • 14e Corabia Final 565km + 14e FCI Final 368km + 43e ACE / 2.021km (Radulescu Noni)
  • 15e Corabia Final 565km + 45e Semi Final 525km + 31e ACE / 2.021km (Cristea Florinel)
  • 17e Corabia Final 565km + 24e Semi Final 525km + 16e FCI Final 378km + 5e ACE, 6 races and 2.021km (Maziarz Occzkowski)
  • 337e at Final 350km DAPIRACE (Helgesen Racing Pigeons)
  • Arrival at Final 505km Derby del Mediterraneo (Dieter Siebert)
  • Youngster after "1e Algarve Golden Race 2015" x "1e Ostseerennen 2015" (SG Steffl)

"Son Younge Super Crack" is New at Our Loft in 2017!

Bernd Kröger (Germany)

Harry (Jan Hooymans), Kannibaal (Dirk van Dyck)

Mellgaard / Jeppesen (Denmark)

De Kannibaal (Klaus Stieneker), Bullet (Koopman)

Frank Hamm (Germany)

Kannibaal (Dirk van Dyck), Kleine Dirk (Koopman)

Twan Bongers (Holland) - new 2017

Kimlynn (van Wanroy), Superklamper, Bonte Jr. (Aarden)

Klaus Stieneker (Germany) - new 2017

De Kannibaal, De Rambo (Dirk van Dyck)

Rainer Püttmann (Germany) - new 2017

Der 330, Ringlose 12 (Günter Prange)

"Daughter Cosmo" is New at Our Loft in 2017!

Comb. Beverdam (Holland) - new 2017

The Chief, Cosmo, Lizzy (Beverdam), Fiona (Jan Ouwerkverk)