Racing Pigeon Wing Structure

There are four qualities you will assess for examine the wing for lift:

  • Wing curve (Bernoulli principle)
  • Feather quality (achieve maximum lift)
  • Wing surface area
  • Shoulder support of the wing

The flight will be fast if the secondary feathers are long in relation to the primaries. On the other hand, if the secondary feathers are short, the flight may be more energy-efficient and sustained but will be slower. Ideally, for endurance racing, the most efficient design is secondary feathers just slightly shorter in length than the first primary feather, which is the one closest to the body.

Other factors affect the bird’s lift— air density and the air speed. With air density, more lift is created when on hot days when the air is thin and light. With air speed, as the air flows faster over the wing, there is less pressure above the wing. This results in a greater lift.

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