"Schleswig Dream"


Original Helgesen Racing Pigeons

"SCHLESWIG DREAM" is a very nice linebred sire from the famous «Schleswig Turbo» (K.H.Wichert).

FATHER raced in Talent Quatro 2017 and is a direct son of “Mediterraneo Dream” (1 prize FCI winner in Mediterraneo 2016 - 7 min. before second bird)

MOTHER raced in DAPIRACE 2018 and is a direct daughter of «Schleswig Turbo» (1 ACE bird and 1st prize final winner in Schleswig OLR 2015 - 414km).

«Schleswig Turbo» is among one of the best OLR Breeders in the World. He is father of 1st World Champion Pigeon 2016, 1st prize FCI winner «Mediterraneo Dream», and 1st prize winner Gerona (320km). «Miss Schleswig» is also granddaughter «Jonge Raket» and 1st NAT ACE youngbird in Germany 2008.

"Schleswig Dream" is New at loft!

"Girl Power"


Original Helgesen Racing Pigeons

“GIRL POWER” raced in Algarve Great Derby 2018:
- 12p / 1.623b (150km)
- 311p / 1.244b (414km - Final)
- 428p /1.473b (150km)

Full-sister raced in Sofia 2018:
- 75p / 2.244b (150km)
- 136p / 1.290b (420km - Final)

Half-brother raced in Superstar 2019:
- 17p / 545b (390km - Final)
- 18 ACE bird (1.257b)

FATHER “Atomic Leon” is a nice racer from Nico van Noordenne, with serveral prizes and also a proven breeder at Nico's racing loft. Grandfather «ATOMIC 888» is halfbrother to 1e / 16.992 birds, and Nico’s «261 SON WINNER» x «RED ATOMIC» strains. Grandmother is halfsister «LEON» and 1 NAT ACE Bird 2012 (Loe Heremans bloodlines).

On the pedigree you will also find quality breeders and racers as: «ATOMIC», «RED ATOMIC», «WINNER»

MOTHER is direct daughter of Martin Steffl’s famous «GIANT PAIR» (1st prize winner Algarve Golden Race 2015 x 1 prize winner Ostseerennen 2015).

"Girl Power" is New at loft!

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