"Todorov's Giant"


Original Dimitar Todorov

"Todorov's Giant" raced in Superstar 2019 and ranked as 86 in the OLR Final from 390km (60 ACE bird towards 1.257 birds).

FATHER “DT 66” is son of 1 prize Faro OLR Final winner 2017 crossed with a direct son of Steffl’s famous “GIANT PAIR” (Algarve Golden Race winner 2015 x Ostseerennen winner 2015).

MOTHER “Thracia 120” is direct daughter after Todorov’s “Super Breeder 231” (father of 1 prize Superstar OLR Final winner 2016 - 460 km - 7 minutes ahead), and “THRACIA” (mother of 4 prize winner Golden Race Algarve Hotspot 2 in 2018).

“THRACIA” is a direct daughter of Steffl’s famous “GIANT PAIR” (Algarve Golden Race winner 2015 x Ostseerennen winner 2015).

“Super Breeder 231” and “THRACIA” is grandfather/mother of 4 prize Golden Race Algarve winner 2019 (505 km).

Super OLR bloodlines and very nice sire from Todorov!!

"Todorov's Giant" is New at loft!

"Super Breeder 231" (grandfather)

"1st prize winner FARO" (grandmother)

"Tissy's Ostwind"


Original Jens Borker

"Tissy's Ostwind" is a direct daughter of Jens Borker’s “Ostwind” (1st prize winner on a heavy regional flight towards 4.450 birds), and “Tissy” (direct daughter of the famous “864”)

FATHER “Ostwind” is after a full sister to "Wonderboy", and grandmother to 1st As-female on federal level 2017.

"Ostwind" is also a direct son of the exception breeding bird "Chicco", father of:
- "Blue Chicco" and 1st ACE-V im Reg. Verb. 12/12 (1p / 996b, 1p / 603b, 2p / 1.950b)
- 1st ACE-W im Reg. Verb. 12/10 (1p / 1.199b, 2p / 1.012b)

Ostwind is father to:
07259-15-1136 (1st prize winner against 3.308 birds on the Regional Groups flight with extremely strong headwind and becomes 2nd Regional ACE youngbird 2015)
07259-14-775 (1p / 619)
07259-17-307 (1p / 1.096b)

MOTHER "Tissy" is a direct daughter of Hartmut Will famous "864" (full brother "Totila"). By 2016, offspring of the "864" is proven to fly 72 x 1st prizes!!!

Tissy is mother to 4th ACE bird SOFIA OLR, in additional to 07259-16-141 (1st Reg. ACE youngbird 2016, with 6/6)

07259-16-141 flies as yearling 1p/638b, 4p/2.895b, 10p/7.376b

"Tissy's Ostwind" is New at loft!

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