"1 ACE Mediterraneo"


Original Pedro Diaz

"1 ACE Mediterraneo" raced in MEDITERRANEO 2018, with results like:
- 1 ACE Bird (1.085b)
- 3p / 893b (200km)
- 28p / 933b (146km)
- 30p / 826b (300km FCI Final)
- 156p / 650b (518km Final)

FATHER "172355/17" raced (by Manuel Bailen) in Costa Del Luz Inverno 2017, with results like:
- 4 ACE bird (503 birds)
- 15p / 205b (430km)
- 20p / 307b (240km)
- 26p / 348b (130km)
- 38p / 223b (280km)

MOTHER "190535/17" raced (by SACE - Patarrita) in Mediterraneo 2017, with results like:
- 29p (146km)
- 162p / 504b (518km)
- 173p / 653b (300km)
- 376p (200km)

"1 ACE Mediterraneo" is New at loft!




"Denys Black Sea"


Original Emiel Denys

"Denys Black Sea" is full-sister of "BLACK SEA STAR" and 1 prize winner in Black Sea OLR Final 2018 (505km - 3min ahead)

"BLACK SEA STAR" ranked 15th ACE bird towards 1.325 birds.

FATHER “ANTONIO JR” is bred from “ANTOON”, a direct son of “DE 51”, 1st International ACE Bird Barcelona 2008-2009-2010 raced by Antoon Lenaert. “DE 51” is from Emiel Denys SCHONE ZWARTEN bloodlines (“Witpen Paul” x “daughter Schone Zwarten”).

The mother of “ANTOON” is a daughter of “Goldwing Barcelona”, 1st Golden Wing Barcelona 2010 raced by P.Delrue-Vanbruaene.

The mother of “ANTONIO JR” is a full sister to 1st International ACE Bird 2010, and also 1st NAT ACE bird KBDB GROTE FOND 2010.

MOTHER “daughter DONKERE PAU” is a daughter of the “DONKERE PAU” when paired to the “NARBONNE-T” (it means the old “TEE-lines” from Emiel Denys)

"Denys Black Sea" is mother to:

- 55p (155km) Ostseerennen 2019

"Black Sea Star" (full-brother)

"DE 51" (GrandGrandfather)

“Goldwing Barcelona”

Del denne siden