"Son Günter 84"


Original Günter Götz

"Son Günter 84" is a nice cock from one of Günter basic breeder «84» witch is a half-brother to “Bavarian Figther” (10th Hotspot ACE 2009 SAMDPR) and from his best bloodlines.

Mother is a sister "HETTI" (she was a very fast hen South Africa sold for over 20.000 EUR and won 4th Hotspot ACE SAMDPR 2009)

“HETTI” raced I SAMDPR 2009:
- 26 races and 11x TOP 100
- 23 races at 10% (3.762 birds)

"Son Günter 84" is father to:

- 34p (376km) Corabia FCI Final 2018
- 95p (414km) AGD OLR Final 2018
- 464p (420km) Sofia OLR Final 2018
- 622p (419km) Quatro OLR Final 2018

- 8p (180km) Costa del Sol 2018
- 10p (140km) Costa del Sol 2018
- 24p (147km) Fast Rimini OLR 2019
- 25p (174km) Costa del Sol 2018
- 63p (150km) AGD 2018
- 67p (200km) Costa del Sol
- 84p (200km) Sofia 2018
- 87p (200km) Talent Quatro 2018


"Daughter Valence"


Original Heijnen & Zoon

This is a direct daughter of “De VALENCE" from Heijnen & Zoon.

“De VALENCE" won 1st provincial Valence 2016 and comes from the composition of the best lines of the G. Heijnen and Son loft. That goes back to the line of 1st NAT and 1st INT ACE pigeons like:

“TOEKOMST 50” (1st NAT and INT.NAT ACE Bird)
Line: Van de Wegen / Paulssen

The best European long distance pigeon in 1993 based on the international flights Barcelona, Marseille, Perpignan. This pigeon got its name from the 6th Derby der Toekomst Reims 1989. The father NL82-8226564 is “Grandson 01” (V.d.Wegen)

“De NABONNE” (1st NAT 2007)
Line: Kannibaal x Plato x Toekomst 50

“De SCHEK 666” (1st NAT Bordeaux 1993)
Line: "Montargis" x "Raket" x "Clermontje"

“de PLATO” (2nd NAT ACE bird 1994 - 1e St.Vincent 1994 and 1e St.Vincent 1996)
Line: V.d.Wegen x W.Molin

"Daughter Valence" is new at loft!

"De Valence" (mother)

Del denne siden