We use

We use "Invidual breeding boxes" to ensure 100% paternity and breeding quality!

The main target for our breeding loft 2024 is to participate in one loft races with vital and good youngsters, in additional to continue our nice  development at local races in section 14 (Norway)

For the upcoming season we have added about 10-12  birds from our own racing loft, in combination of some new added strains.

New added lines for the upcoming season:

  • Andreas Drapa (Porsche 911)
  • Joel Verschoot (Armando)
  • Kittel & Greipel
  • LM Sörensen (Hr. Baek & Gerda)

You will find all our breeding pairs in the sub-menu above and do not hesitate to contact us if you find some interesting pairs / youngsters (not updated).

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