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1st PRIZE – VALDEFIERRO (664km)!

Another great reference in Europe from our bloodlines, and this time from Portugal.

A daughter (7309728/17of our OLR racer «STREET FIGHTHER» (NOR-032-16-328) won 1 prize from Valdefierro 644km.

This daughter is bred and raced by Manuel António & Bruno Ribeiro in Portugal, and making a spectacular long distance championship in Portugal with following 2019 results, so far:

  • 1st prize Valdefierro 18/5 (644km) - Province : 3°/3.522 pigeons
  • 6th prize Valencia 4/5 (747km) - Province : 38°/3.469 pigeons
  • 61st prize Minglanilha 20/4 (645km)
  • 54th prize Baena (578km) 

«STREET FIGHTHER» and father of the 1 prize winner, won himself a 19th prize in FARO OLR Final 2016.

FATHER of «STREET FIGHTER» is great inbred at "Den DROMER" and is a direct son at superbreeder "BONAMO" who is the father of:

  • "Lucky 29" (6x 1st) 
  • "Linda" (20 x 1st), 1st prov. ace pigeon KBDB Middle Distance 2015

MOTHER of «STREET FIGHTER» is a grandchild famous racer and breeder "TORERO" raced:

  • 1e NAT ACE NPO 2004
  • 1e / 24.402 (Pont Prov.)
  • 1e / 5.373 (Hensies)
  • 1e / 464 (Peronne)
  • 1e / 289 (Pont St. Max) 

This 2016 combination is also priorized at our breeding loft in 2019, and you will find more info at link PAIR 05 / 2019

Congratulation to the winner Manuel António & Bruno Ribeiro who bought our «STREET FIGHTHER» at FARO auction (GpLoft) in 2016.

«STREET FIGHTER» won 19th prize in FARO OLR Final 2019!

Father of 1 prize winner Valdefierro (664km)!

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Again we are very happy to inform about our pigeons can produce a OLR winner, were father of Balla Gianfraco‘s winner in Colombaia Unica Naztional OLR Final 2018 (485km) is bred by our loft.

«New Raket» and father of the OLR winner, won a 59th prize (raced by us) in the Algarve Great Derby final 2017 towards 1.339 final birds. This nice sire is after our Heijnen & Zoon bloodlines (ref. PAIR 15/2019)

FATHER of «New Raket» is full brother «THUNDERBIRD» who raced 10th prize in the Derby BROD final 2016, only 16 pigeons on the day (Raket 95 and the first NAT Narbonne line)

MOTHER of «New Raket» is full sister of «FRODO» who raced 3rd prize in the Derby BROD final 2016, only 16 pigeons on the day (out off the 1 NAT Bourges line)

Colombaia Unica Naztional racing program in 2018:

  • 26.08 - FAENZA (100km)
  • 31.08 - SANTARCANGELO (160km)
  • 07.09 - SENIGALLIA (225km)
  • 14.09 - P.TO POTENZA PICENA (275km)
  • 21.09 - P.TO SAN GIORGIO (300km – Semi Final)
  • 30.09 - MARINA DI LESINA (485km – OLR Final)

Congratulation to the winner Bala Gianfraco!

Balla Gianfraco with the parents of the Colombaia Unica Naztional 2018 winner!

The Colombaia Unica Naztional 2018 winner!

Father of the Colombaia Unica Naztional 2018 winner is from our loft!

References 2017!

1st PRIZE - MIRA FCI FINAL 2017 (24.000 EUR)!

We are very happy to inform, that father of Martin Sævareid winning bird in MIRA FCI final 2017 is bred by our loft. Father is a nice cock after our “son Pokerface” (original Drapa) in PAIR 1 crossed with our fantastic “Daughter No Limit”(original Nico van Noordenne) in PAIR 2.

Full brothers to father of the FCI winner have won following nice OLR prizes in 2017:

  • 3e / 1.802 (115km Corabia)
  • 12e / 1.036 (368km Corabia)
  • 25e / 866b (525km Corabia)
  • 32e / 932 (200Km Mira)
  • 68e / 992 (160Km Mira)
  • 95e / 510 (342km Mira)

Congratulation to the winner Martin Sævareid!

Martin Sævareid´s MIRA «FCI WINNER» in 2017!

Father of the MIRA FCI winner in 2017 is from our loft!

Father of MIRA FCI winner in 2017 (org. Helgesen Racing Pigeons)

Test Station - Martin Sævareid !

Some of our youngsters were raced from Martin Sævareids loft during the 2016, 2017 and 2018 season. The birds were raced together with Martin's youngsters at same conditions.  

The object is to test our youngsters at local conditions in additional to One Loft Races in Europe. Martin is a experience pigeon fancier with many good results (listed below).

Martin Sævareids «FCI PAIR» is parent of the 1st prize winner MIRA FCI FINAL 2017 and 24.000 EUR!

The FCI winner NOR-032-17-118 won:

  • 1st prize in FCI Final (300km)
  • 9th prize in semi-final (200km)

Full brother/sister raced:

  • 67 prize in Derby Sofia semi-final 2018 (260km)
  • 552 prize in Derby Sofia final 2018 (420km) 
  • 395 prize in Talent Quatro final 2017 (419km)


  • 2e ACE in 2004
  • 19e in 2004 (Final 400km)
  • 43e in 2000 (Final 400km)
  • 195e in 2008 (Final 400km)


  • 1e in the Final 2004 (400km) - Scandinavic Champion
  • 1e ACE in 2016
  • 2e in the Final 2016 (400km)


  • 5e in 2005 (Final 400km)
  • 5 ACE bird in 2015
  • 31e in 2015 (Final 400km)
  • 251e in 2013 (Final 400km)


  • 12e ACE bird in 2015
  • 57e in 2015 (Final 525km)
  • 30e in 2015 (Semi-Final 368km)
  • 5e in 2015 (277km)

AS Golden Race OLR

  • 6 ACE bird in 2018
  • 8 ACE bird in 2017

Norwegian Section 14 and Club

  • 2x Young bird Champion in section 14
  • 5x Old Bird Champion in club
  • 3x Young bird Champion in club

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