• «Thunder 103»

  • «Lady Drevsjø»

  • Pedigree!

    Original Helgesen Racing Pigeons

    This is a new added One Loft Racer at our loft, who won following in Talent Quatro 2018:
    - 87p (200km)
    - 622p (419km -OLR Final)

    Full-brother in PAIR 19 / 2019 raced in Algarve Great Derbt 2018:
    - 63p /1.473b (150km)
    - 95p / 1.244b (414km - OLR Final)
    - 148p / 1.623b (150km)
    - 660p / 1.365b (220km)

    Father is a nice cock from one of Günter basic breeder «84» witch is a half-brother to “Bavarian Figther” (10th Hotspot ACE 2009 SAMDPR) and from his best bloodlines.

    Grandmother is sister "HETTI" (she was a very fast hen South Africa sold for over 20.000 EUR and won 4th Hotspot ACE SAMDPR 2009)

    Mother of «Thunder 104» is full-sister "ZIGGY" who is 1 price FCI Final winner in Talent Quatro 2017 (420km), in additional to be 9th ACE BIRD!

    Mother raced raced in USEDOM 2016:
    - 78e / 1.140b (350km - Final)
    - 27e / 1.100b (210km)

    Nestsister "129" raced 3e in Usedom 2016 (win 5.000€)

  • Pedigree!

    Original Helgesen Racing Pigeons

    «LADY DREVSJØ» won 2nd prize at Drevsjø 2017 (450km) in section 14 Norway.

    FATHER of “Lady Drevsjø” is a nice sire from Koos Van Koppen with very good racing lines (father “Son Blauwe Vierzon” raced 1e / 1.236b and Grandfather “Blauwe Vierzon”, from Theo Boekhors, won 1e / 3.580 birds, 1e / 965 birds, 1e / 663 birds).

    Brothers of "Lady Drevsjø" father like “4008”, won 3e young bird WHZB, and “8008” won 1e Quievrain, and “8007” won 1e Sens.

    MOTHER is a very nice inbred hen after the Natinal winner “KIMLYNN” from Twan Bongers (Jan Aarden lines). “KIMLYNN” won 1e INT.NAT. / 22.319b Perpignan 2006 (1.016km) !!

    «My Princess» is a full sister "Lady Drevsjø" who won 2e ACE bird in the Team Femhøje Yearling Championship 2017 with following prizes above 400km:
    • 2 prize Althona 425km (1.467m/min)
    • 2 prize Soltau 500km (1.215m/min)
    • 3 prize Althona 425km (1.137m/min)

    HALF-SISTER (same father) «THEA» raced 14 prize at Derby Sofia semi-final 2017 (265km) and ended as 19 ACE bird (2.400 birds) after 4 races (135km-190km-265km-420km)

  • «Thunder 103» is new at loft!

  • «Lady Drevsjø» is mother to:

    - 141p (400km - OLR Final) - DAPIRACE 2018