• «Olympiade blue Vos»

  • Pedigree!

    Original Maziarz Occzkowski

    This very nice cock is at the moment a son of Maziraz best one loft race breeding pair.

    Father «GOLD VOS ORG» is original Heinz Willi Ritz and a fantastic breeding cock from Janssen VOS line, who play great on OLRs & youngsters races.

    Mother «OLYMPIADE 24» is original Schlief – Stiens. She is 100% Heremans blood, and give fantastic youngster like 2 place Final Race Derby Riachos 2016.

    - 1 ACE youngster club 2350p. 5/5 prizes – ‘15
    - 1 ACE yearling RV vs 1500p – 11 prizes – ‘16
    - 2n prize in FINAL RACE DERBY RIACHOS ˋ16

  • «Olympiade blue Vos» Is new at ou loft