15. des, 2020

24th prize (4.800b) in Pattaya Int. Pigeon Race - 245km!

Our "QUEEN II" won a 24th prize in the Pattaya International Pigeon Race (245km) towards about 4.800 birds.

This bird is from our great Drapa and Borker bloodlines and is a grandchild Drapa’s famous “POKERFACE” and Jens Borker’s “TOTILA” x “HALLA”

We are also happy to see our 2nd participated bird "VALENCE 84" arrived well 17-18min behind the winner and ready for the next race. This bird bird is from our good bloodlines from Günter Götz and Heijnen & Zoon.

The first of total three official race in Pattaya Int. Pigeon Race is planned 21st of December from 330km. We looking forward to see if the "QUEEN II" and "VALENCE 84" continues with good performances towards very hard competitions.

Good luck to all participants for the upcoming races!


If interesting, see available auctions birds at AUCTION SITE where you also can find birds from our “POKERFACE”, “TOTILA” and “HALLA” bloodlines

Examples of available auction birds: