19. sep, 2020

Historical race and result from our new local racing loft!

Today is a historical day for our local racing loft and the first time we participate from our new place in Norway.

Not only was this the first release (youngsters) from new place, in addition our "SANJAY’s FIRST" went all the way to the top and became group winner in today's race from 100km!

Mother of “SANJAY’s FIRST” is half-sister to Wichert’s 1st ACE in Derby Sofia OLR 2020

Father is 4th ACE in Mira OLR 2018 and from very nice winning bloodlines from Simon Wolf and H&E.J Eijerkamp.

Great to be back and participate in local races in additional to OLR races abroad!

Now we are excited about what tomorrow brings, where we will participate both in Derby Zagreb OLR Final (500km) and Romania Golden Pigeon OLR Final.

Wish all the best to all final participants in tomorrow finals and good luck to the loft management for the finals.