15. sep, 2020

23rd + 29th prize in Talent Quatro OLR Final (510km)!

Fantastic performance by "KöNIGS 235" (23rd prize) and "LADY ATOMIC" (29th prize) in the Talent Quatro OLR final from 510km.

"KöNIGS 235" is after our "Princess of Femhøje" (fantastic racer in Team Femhøje OLR raced in Denmark Section 063 and have 33 races from 190km to 500km in the period 2017-2019, and a total of 11.150km!!)

Father of "KöNIGS 235" is inbred at Drapa’s “Pokerface”, “Sky Fighter” and “Champ” bloodlines

Full-sister "NEW PRINCESS" have raced following in Derby Zagreb, so far:

  • 12p / 751b (110km)
  • 99p / 722b (185km)
  • 44p / 679b (270km)
  • 157p / 610b (350km)
  • 10 ACE before final race

Both father and mother of "LADY ATOMIC" are from our loft and both have raced in OLR’s (Talent Quatro 2018 and Mediterraneo 2017). Father was ranked 123rd in OLR final (419km) and mother was ranked 26 ACE and 135th in the OLR final. Full-brother of mother was ranked 10th ACE bird in Sofia 2017.

Father is a grandchild of SG Steffls famous “Giant Pair” in combination with Nico van Noordenne’s great «ATOMIC», «RED ATOMIC», «WINNER» bloodlines. 

Mother is after our very good bloodlines from POKERFACE (Drapa) and TOTILA x HALLA (Jens Borker)

We are very happy to see 5 of 7 basketed final birds with arrivals from 510km!

Thanks to the Talent Quatro loft management for a professional executed OLR.