12. sep, 2020

9 ACE and 11th prize in Ukraina OLR Final (510km)!

Great result both in the Ukraina Master and Ostseerennen OLR Finals.

Fantastic performance by our “SUPER I” (NOR-032-20-185) who won a 11th prize in Ukraina Master Final from 510km. This bird is from our great Drapa and Borker bloodlines, and is a grandchild from “POKEFACE”, “TOTILA” and “HALLA”.

“SUPER I” has following top results in in Ukraina Master 2020 (total 6 races - 1.740km):

  • 9th ACE BIRD towards 3.017 starting birds
  • 11p / 669b (510km - 1.192m/min)
  • 12p / 1.240b (220km - 1.200m/min)
  • 34p / 956 (420km - 1.068m/min)

Nest-sister was ranked 226e in a challenging Sofia OLR Final 2020 from 420km.

“OSTSEE 259” won a very nice 36th prize in the Ostseerennen OLR final from 457km. This bird is after our very good Günter Götz and SG Steffl OLR bloodlines, and is a grandchild to i.e:

  • "King of Venlo" and winner of OSTSEERENNEN FINAL 2016
  • 33 prize in Corabia OLR Final 2016 (565km)
  • Full-sister to « 2nd prize winner in Pattaya OLR 2017/18 (530km)
  • Nest-sister “SCAR” and 1 ACE bird GOLDEN RACE ALGARVE 2012

Thanks to the loft management in Ukraina Master and Ostseerennen for the OLR season 2020!