7. sep, 2020

6th prize in Superstar – Hotspot 3 (222km)!

Great performance also in Superstar and 3 birds at top-100 in Hotspot 3 from 222km.

Our "BLUE UNIQUE II" won a 6th prize, "TOP STAR" won a 55th prize and "SUPERSTAR JR" won a 62 prize.

With this results both "TOP STAR" and "SUPERSTAR JR" climbing in the ACE Championship (3 of 5 races) with following nice results:


  • 11p / 846b (100km)
  • 55p / 742b (222km)
  • 70p / 835b (180km)


  • 38p / 846b (100km)
  • 62p / 742b (222km)
  • 72p / 835b (180km)

We are looking forward for the upcoming Semi-final race from 260km

Wish all the participants and the loft management all the best for the semi-final.