5. sep, 2020

91st prize in Talent Quatro semi-final (365km)!


Our “Mira 290” continue to perform in Talent Quatro and this time with a 91st prize in Talent Quatro semi-final from 365km.

 “Mira 290” climbing in the Time ACE Championship and still fighting in the Knock Out Championship with following results, so far:

  • 37p (HS2 – 200km)
  • 91p (Semi-Final 365km)
  • 103p (HS1 - 123km)
  • 246p (HS3 – 306km)

Happy to see the mother of "Mira 290" is a half-sister to Wichert's 1st ACE bird in Derby Sofia 2020 (2.505 birds). 

We have all 7 basketed birds through the semi-final and ready for the final week.

Good luck to all participants and the loft management for the upcoming and challenging OLR Final from 510km.