4. sep, 2020

2nd prize in Derby Zagreb Hotspot 3 (270km)!

Great performance in Derby Zagreb Hotspot 3 from 270km, where we had 3 birds at top-100.

Our “Queen III” won a 2nd prize, “New Princess” won a 44 prize and “White Alonso” won a 71 prize

“Queen III” is after our very good Drapa (POKEFACE) and Borker (TOTILA x HALLA) bloodlines.

“New Princess” is after own bloodlines, having 3 of 3 ranking at top-100 and is now ranked 3 ACE bird (99p HS2 – 12p HS1 – 44p HS3).

“White Alonso” is after Nico van Noordennes winning bloodlines and have been very good at trainings   (1p-1p-3p-9p-18p-62p…).

We have all 11 basketed birds through HS3 and ready for the semi-final (357km).

Wish the participant and the loft management all the best for the upcoming semi-final.