22. aug, 2020

7th prize in Talent Quatro Hotspot 2 (200km)!


Success for our “Superstar 247” (7th prize) and “Mira 290” (37th prize) in Talent Quatro Hotspot 2 (200km) towards 1.268 birds.

“Superstar 247” is from our “Romanian Golden Race” bloodlines (30 prize winner in Superstar 2018) and the “FCI winner” bloodlines from Martin Saevareid (see references for more info where father of Martin’s FCI winner is a son of our “Pokerface Jr” x "Daughter No Limit").

“Mira 290” is from 4 ACE winner MIRA 2018 (Alp Race Team) in combination with the Sanjay bloodlines from K.H. Wichert.

Looking forward for the Hotspot 3 from 306km and good luck to all participants for the next race!