18. aug, 2020

88th prize in Derby Sofia Hotspot 3 (200km)!

«KING I» with a new nice ranking and this time with an 88th prize in Sofia Hotspot 3 (200km) towards 1.839 birds.

With this result, the good ACE position is maintained. «KING I» will still fighting at the top ACE ranking list with following results after 3 of 5 races in Derby Sofia 2020:

  • Race 1 - 88p / 2.127b (120km)
  • Race 2 - 8p / 2.018b (150km)
  • Race 3 - 88p / 1.839b (200km)


High speed and good arrivals at Hotspot 3 where we have 9 birds through and ready for the semi-final (270km)

Good luck to all participants for the semi-final!