23. des, 2019

Breeding pair 21/2020 and 22/2020!

Our breeding pairs 21/2020 and pairs 22/2020 are now updated at our web page, and will be a new combination at our breeding loft.

In pair 21/2020 you will find "SON 1 ACE Corabia" " (org. Günter Götz) paired with “POKERGIRL”, a direct daughter of "POKERFACE" (org. A.Drapa)

More info at Pair 21


In pair 22/2020 you will find " "Son Günter 84"" (org. Günter Götz) paired with “Daughter Valence”, a direct daughter "De Valence" from Heijnen & Zoon.

More info at Pair 22