1. okt, 2019

72 prize in Derby Romania Golden Pigeons Uman Final (550km)!

«LUCKY TOTILA 206» with a nice 72 ranking in a very hard Derby Romania Golden Pigeons Uman Final from 550km. First day no pigeons, so we are pleased with today's arrival in this hard final towards 363 birds.

«LUCKY TOTILA 206» have raced following in Romania Golden Pigeons OLR 2019:

- 72p / 363b (550km Uman)
- 105p / 1.024b (130km)
- 268p / 1.018b (175km)
- 356p / 998b (260km)
- 385p / 914b (430km - Final)
- 657p / 985b (330km - Semi)

Half-brother raced in Algarve Golden Race 2016:
- 82e / 3.943b / (230km)
- 615e / 3.644b (505km - Final)

Half-sister raced in Ostseerennen OLR 2017
- 80e / 926b (405km - final)
- 102e / 1.463b (212km)

FATHER is a Grandson of the famous "261" (10x 1 prize) and our friend Jens Borker stock pair no.1 "TOTILA x HALLA".

“TOTILA” is a full brother to “729 – Boris” (10/10964 Ace points) and with his full brother bring over 30 (THIRTY) first prizewinners!! “TOTILA” is also a full-brother of Hermut Will’s faumos breeder "864”.

MOTHER is inbred "BONAMO" (Rauw-Sablon / Koopman), in additional to the "SUPER MARIO" (A.Drapa) and “LUCKY 848" bloodlines.

We would like to thanks the Columbodrom Romania Golden Pigeons loft management for well executed one loft race and congrats all friends with arrivals from Uman.