27. sep, 2019

“KAROKE 164” available at Superstar web auction!

“KAROKE 164” is now available at Superstar web auction.

This bird was ranked as 116 in the Superstar Final (390km), and is 100% bloodlines from our friend Nico van Noordenne.

FATHER has raced several prizes and also a proven breeder at Nico's racing loft.

MOTHER "KASAIS WITJE 27" has raced at Nico's racing loft (5p / 727b - Arras) and is inbred at the super breeder and racer "KASAI", who won:

- 1e / 6.626 (Houdeng)
- 1e / 6.289 (Peronne)
- 1e / 2.673 (Creil)
- 1e / 713 (Peronne)


On the pedigree you will find quality breeders and racers as: "KASAI", "TORERO'S SUPER 900", "BEYONCE", "SAYONARA, "TAKESHI", "GEISHA", "KAROKE", "DE BLAUWE VOORUIT", "PRETTY WOMAN"

4of4 sibling’s with final arrival in 2019 where full-brothers/sisters of "KAROKE 164" have following rankings in 2019 OLR’s:

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