25. sep, 2019

"OLR 288" for sale at DAPIRACE web auction!

Our "OLR 288" is now available for sale at DAPIRACE web auction.

This bird raced following in DAPIRACE 2019:
- 9p / 925b (206km)
- 42p / 984b (154km)
- 74 ACE BIRD (1.477b)
- 129p / 995b (105km)
- 224p / 775b (400km Final)

«OLR 288» is a grandchild of Martin Steffl «GIANT PAIR» (1st prize winner Algarve Golden Race 2015 x 1 prize winner Ostseerennen 2015)


Father of «OLR 288» is after our friend Heijnen & Zoon very strong 1st NAT Bourges line.

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