23. sep, 2019

3 prize Derby Zagreb Final (500km)!

Great performance in Derby Zagreb where our “BLUE FIGHTER” won a great 3rd prize in today’s Derby Zagreb Final from 500km.

“BLUE FIGHTER” is a Granddaughter of the famous “SKY FIGHTER” from our friend Andreas Drapa, and this bird has raced following in Derby Zagreb 2019:
- 3p / 305b (500km - Final)
- 38p / 438b (350km - Semi)
- 124p / 619b (110km)
- 183p / 553b (180km)
- 300p / 512b (280km)

See our breeding PAIR 11 for more info!

A full-sister raced in Medirerraneo 2018:
- 11th ACE bird (1.136 birds)
· 46p / 650b (518km - Final)
· 59p / 933b (146km)
· 85p / 826b (300km - Semi)

So far, a full-brother have raced in Medirerraneo 2019:
- 63p / 692b (300km)
- 85p / 1.075b (146km)
*ready for finsl the upcomming week-end

Full-brother raced in Talent Quatro 2019:
- 190p / 1.313b (306km Semi)
- 220p / 1.074b (420km Final)

Full-sister raced in AS Golden 2019
- 43p / 793b (280km – Semi)
- 356p / 618b (410km – Final)

Half-sister «Princess of Femhøje» has raced 33 races from 190km to 500km in the period 2017-2019 and a total of 11.150km in Femhøje racing loft at Denmark Section 063!!

«Princess of Femhøje» won 2nd ACE bird in the Team Femhøje Yearling Championship 2017 with following prizes above 400km:
- 2 prize Althona 425km (1.467m/min)
- 2 prize Soltau 500km (1.215m/min)
- 3 prize Althona 425km (1.137m/min)

I would like to thank the Derby Zagreb loft management and Tihomir Lekic for a good organized one loft race and congratulations to all friends with final arrivals.