17. sep, 2019

"Queen II" for sale at Fast Rimini web auction!

"QUEEN II" is now available for sale at Fast Rimini web auction!

This bird won a 37th prize in a very hard final race in Fast Rimini. The final race was very windy, in additional to 38 degrees and 80% air humidity.

“Queen II” is full sister of “King I” who won a 158th  place in the Sofia Final 2019, and is after our Son «Pokerface» x Daughter of “Totila” x “Halla”, in additional to full-sister of "QUEEN III" who raced 144prize in Ostseerennen OLR Final 2019 (468km).

“Queen II” raced following in the Fast Rimini OLR 2019:

  • 20 ACE bird
  • 37p in final (400km)
  • 63p Race 1 (110km)
  • 210p Race 3 (255km)
  • 237p Race 2 (180km)

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