13. sep, 2019

36 prize in Talent Quatro OLR Final (419km)!

Another good final performance when our “PILSEN’s 232” won a 36 prize in the Talent Quatro OLR Final (419km) towards 1.074 birds and ending as 30 ACE BIRD towards 1.688 starting birds.
“PILSEN’s 231” has raced following in Talent Quatro 2019:

- 30 ACE Birds (1.688 birds)
- 36p / 1.074b (420km Final)
- 48p / 1.441b (160km)
- 198p / 1.313b (306km Semi)
- 251p / 1.398b (200km)

FATHER is from our own breeding loft and is based on good winning bloodlines from K.H.Wichert

MOTHER is from Hermut Will bloodlines and a nice inbred lady after his very good Prange bloodlines.

A full-brother/sister is ready for the great OLR Final in Derby Zagreb (500km) with following results, so far:

- 35p / 438b (350km)
- 45p / 512b (280km)
- 63p / 619b (110km)
- 100p / 553b (180km)

* Ranked as 5th ACE bird before the OLR final

We are also satisfied with a total of 4 arrived final birds of 5 basketed, even though some of them we like to see a bit higher at the ranking list.

Congrats to pigeons’ friends with final arrivals, and also a special thanks to the loft management for a good organized and executed one loft season.