11. sep, 2019

"SUPER 184" for sale at SUPERSTAR web auction.

This bird won 30 prize in addition to be 22 ACE bird towards 1.257 participated birds in the Superstar OLR Final 2019, and has raced following:

- 30p / 545b (390km)
- 52p / 617b (250km)
- 182p / 790b (160km)
- 214p / 820b (110km)
- 422p / 749b (210km)

This bird is a real Superstar offspring, were both parents raced in Superstar 2018. Very special to inform father also is a 30 prize winner in Superstar 2018, in additional to mother who won 28th prize and 12 ACE bird in Superstar 2018.

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