25. aug, 2019

17 + 30 prize in Superstar Final (390km)!

We are happy to inform success by our pigeons in Superstar 2019 in a very hot and hard final from 390km.

"STAR 216" won a 17 prize in addition to be 18 ACE bird towards 1.257 participated birds. This nice bird is a grandchild of Steffl’s famous “GIANT PAIR”, in additional to our friend Heijnen & Zoon very strong 1st NAT Bourges line (see our breeding PAIR 12 for more info).

"SUPER 184" won a 30 prize in addition to be 22 ACE bird towards 1.257 participated birds. This nice bird is a real Superstar offspring, were both parents raced in Superstar 2018. Very special to inform father also is a 30 prize winner in Superstar 2018, in additional to mother who won 28th prize and 12 ACE bird in Superstar 2018, and the couple has now been named “Superstar Pair” (see our breeding PAIR 06 for more info).

"KAROKE 164" won a 116th prize, and is 100% after our Nico van Noordenne “TORRERO” & “KASAI” bloodlines. This is a new 2019 combination, and it looks great with 3 final arrivals of 3 finals, so far:

  • 116 prize Superstar FCI Final 2019 (390km)
  • 283 prize in DAPIRACE 2019 (400km)
  • 332p prize in Derby Sofia Final 2019 (420km)

See our breeding PAIR 03 for more info).

"MIRA 278" won a 157th prize, and is after 4th ACE MIRA 2018 and our “SANJAY” & KAASBOER” bloodlines from Karl-Heinz Wichert were both race in OLR 2018.

We would like to thanks Superstar loft management for good organized and carried out OLR season, and we already looking forward for the upcoming 2020 season.