24. aug, 2019

13 prize in Costa del SOL - Race 1 (155km)!

Also, in Costa del Sol we can report a good start at the first official race from 155km where our bird “Leonard” won a 13th prize towards 1.284 birds.

A full-sister won 15th ACE bird in Derby Sofia 2018 with following results:

  • 4p (260km)
  • 16p (150km)
  • 96p (200km)
  • 195p (420km Final)

 A full-brother raced in DERBY MIRA 2018:

  • 41p / 722b (230km)
  • 100p / 1.212b (176km)
  • 199p / 1.290b (128km)
  • 266p OLR Final (330km)

 We looking forward for the nest race from 170km at 27th of August