15. aug, 2019

7th + 29th prize in DAPIRACE – Hotspot 4 (300km)!

Our "THUNDER JR 304" won a 7th prize and "COSMO 287" won a 29th prize in the DAPIRACE Hotspot race 3 from Hannover (300km).

"THUNDER JR 304" is from our own bloodlines were mother is 2nd prize winner from Drevsjø 450km. See our breeding PAIR 20 for more information, if you like.

"COSMO 287" is after our Beverdam & Van Roy Koen (C. & G. KOOPMAN) bloodlines.

This result brought our loft through the 2nd round in World League Knock Out Championship 2019 were we turn out Mr. Emiel Denys – Qui Qiao Zhen strong 24th prize winner.

Our next challenge in World League Knock Out Championship 3rd round  will be another nice and hard OLR participant - Karl-Heinz Wichert.

Our loft is also climbing in the DAPIRACE ACE Championship where we now have 3rd– 38th – 53rd ranking after 4 of 6 races.

Wish all the best for DAPIRACE participants at the upcoming hotspot race 5 (planned at 20.08 from 100km).