11. aug, 2019

4 birds at TOP-100 in DAPRIACE - Hotspot 3 (206km)!

We are very happy with the start in DAPIRACE 2019 were 4 of our birds reach the TOP-100 (3 birds at TOP-30) towards 930 basketed birds in the Hot spot race 3 from 206km.

- 12p by our bird “OLR 288” (9th ACE bird)
- 7p by our bird “Kasai 285” (35th ACE bird)
- 26p by our bird “Cosmo 287” (65th ACE bird)
- 68p by our bird “Mira 279» (67th ACE bird)

This results brings our “OLR 288” up to a 9th ACE bird after 3 of 5 races.

Our loft is now ready for the 2nd round in World League Hot Spot Championship 2019 were 6 of 11 lofts will be qualified for the 3rd round (DAPIRACE – Hotspot 4 - 255km).

Good luck in the next Hot Spot round for all participants