28. jul, 2019

87 prize in AS Golden OLR Final (410km)!

Our "RAKET 180" won a 87th prize in the AS Golden OLR Final from 410km. This birds is after our Heijnen & Zn and Steffl bloodlines and have raced following nice results in AS Golden 2019:

  • 27p / 1.250b (170km - 1.630m/min)
  • 58e ACE bird (3/5 races – 1.518 birds)
  • 70p / 1.125b (220km - 1.320m/min)
  • 87p / 619b (OLR Final – 410km – 1.219m/min)
  • 212p / 793b (Semi final - 280km - 1.401/min)
  • 941p / 1.336b (125km - 1.031m/min)

Half-brother "NEW RAKET" won a 59th prize in the Algarve Great Derby Final 2017 (420km) and is also father of 1 prize winner in Colombaia Unica Naztional OLR Final 2018 (485km). See references for more info.

We are very satisfied with AS Golden OLR 2019 and would like to thanks for professional loft management and loft info during the trainings and races in 2019.

In addition, we like the development of our birds performance in this OLR were we have 5 arrived final birds in 2019. This OLR are recommended by us, and we looking already forward for the next season.

Congratulation to all participation’s with final arrivals and a special congratz to our friend Martin Sævareid with an impressive 34th prize in the AS Golden final 2019.