29. jun, 2019

2nd prize in Team Femhøje - Race 7 (500km)

Another great perormance from «My Princess»

This time she won a 2nd prize at Team Femhøje race 7 from Bremen (500km).

With this nice result, she was ranket 20th in the section 063.

This great bird from 2016 have now many very good performances in Denmark, and you will find her results at Team Femhøje 2019 in the overview next by.

«Lucky You» is ranket 8th in Team Femhøje ACE Championship 2019

After todays race 6 from Vamdrup (226km) our «Lucky You» climbing to a 8th place in the Team Femhøje ACE Championship 2019.

Still many races left, and we are looking forward for the next race.