23. jun, 2019

1st prize in Team Femhøje 2019 (269km)

Another good performance at Team Femhøje 2019 were our «Lucky You» from 2018 won a 1st prize from Aaberaa (269km) and ranked as number 9th in the section 063 (1.057 birds).

This lady raced 54th in the young bird final at Team Femhøje 2018 and is after our Jens Borker and Nico van Noordenne bloodlines. She is now climbing in the ACE Team Femhøje Championship 2019 and ranked as number nine after 5 races.

FATHER is from Team MOJO and is from 50/50 Borker / Noordenne bloodlines. Grandfather is a direct son of Borker´s famous “BLUE MAGIC” and Grandmother is after Noordennes “TORERO” bloodlines.

MOTHER is direct from Nico van Noordenne, after his “HAPPY HARDCORE” and “EMERVEENS HOPE” bloodlines.