1. okt, 2018

65 prize + 95prize in Algarve Great Derby Final (414km)!!

In a hard Algarve Great Derby Final our «SILVER CHANEL» won a 65 prize, and «THUNDER 104» won a 95 prize towards 1.244 basketed birds.

Father of «SILVER CHANEL» is our "Atomic Channel 094" (Nico van Noordenne) and a half-brother to «NO LIMIT» (Winner 4x 1prizes with 1. prov. 12.243 b). Mother of «SILVER CHANEL» is a double granddaughter the famous "De GUST" and winner of 1st NAT Zone Limoges and 1st Provincial Bourges). 

«THUNDER 104» is after our good Götz bloodlines (4 arrived final birds in 2018 out of 6 participated birds are very good performance by these lines).

We are satisfied with 4 arrived birds (3 prized at 25%) out of 7 basketed in a hard and hot OLR final.