21. sep, 2018

15 prize and 45 prize in ALGARVE GREAT DERBY – Semi Final (220km))!

Good performance by out loft also in the Algarve Great Derby semi-final, were our “SUPER 107” won a 15th prize (only few seconds behind the winner) and “SILVER CHANEL” won a 45 prize towards 1.365 basketed birds.

“SUPER 107” is after our “POKERFACE” (Drapa) and “TORERO” (Nico van Noordenne) bloodlines.

Brother “POKE” won in MIRA 2018:

  • 13p / 1.290b (128km)
  • 32p / 722b (230km)
  • 149p / 694b (332km - OLR Final)

 “SILVER CHANEL” is after our “ATOMIC” (Nico van Noordenne) and “THE GUST” (Ulrich Lemmens) bloodlines. 

We are very satisfied with arrival all of our 7 basketed birds in the semi-final, and looking forward for the Final race 28th of September (420km).

Wish all participants good luck in the final!