14. sep, 2018

36p+ 63p in ALGARVE GREAT DERBY – Race 3 (150km)!

Another good performance by our loft, were our “ATOMIC 102” won a 36 prize, and “THUNDER 104” won a 64 prize towards 1.473 basketed birds in the Algarve Great Derby race 3 (150km).

“ATOMIC 102” is after our very good bloodlines from Nico van Noordenne and SG Steffl.

“THUNDER 104” is another good performance by our Götz bloodlines. Full sister/brother is ranked as 6th ACE bird before the Costa del Sol Final 2018 (5 of 6 races)!

Another sister/brother with final arrival in Derby Sofia is now for sale at the Sofia auction.

ref. following AUCTION LINK

We are looking forward for the next race I Algarve Great Derby!