12. sep, 2018

8 prize in Mediterraneo – Race 2 (200km)

Very good performance in Mediterraneo race 2, were our “FAST MARIO” won a 8th prize toward 893 birds.

“FAST MARIO” is after our Prange (Jens Borker) and Drapa bloodlines, and is ranked 8th ACE bird after 2 of 4 races.

This nice results bring our loft to a first position in the World League Speed Championship 2018, only 1 second ...before the Familie Soellner loft after 10 of 11 races!!

The final race in the Speed Championship will be at Friday 14th of September (Algarve Great Derby – 200km)

We are looking forward for the next races, both last race in speed championship and the Mediterraneo FCI final.