7. sep, 2018

44p + 67p + 73p in COSTA DEL SOL – Race 4 (200km)!!

Very good performance by our loft in the Costa del Sol, where our «DAISY CUTTER» won a 44 prize, «DIONA» won 67 prize and «TORNADO» won a 73 prize towards 968 basketed birds in race 4 (200km).

«DAISY CUTTER» is org. HELGESEN RACING PIGEONS, were father is a nice sire from our Pokerface / Stieneker lines and mother is a nice hen from our «Rauw Sablon» lines.

Our loft are very satisfied to still have 9 of 9 participated birds left in the competition, and it looks like Costa del Sol deliver very well loft organization and training program this year.

Still two hard races left and we looking forwards for the semi-final the coming week!