5. sep, 2018

5 birds ranked at FCI top 200 in MIRA FCI-Final (332km)!

With very good performance in the MIRA race 1, 2, 3 and 4, we were a little excited about the fact that one of our birds got a top spot in MIRA OLR Finale. Although the top score did not come, we are very pleased to have 5 arrival birds and FCI awards 51st – 200th on a hard and hot MIRA Final.

Both father (orig. Dieter Sibert) and mother (orig. SG STEFFL) of our best-ranked pigeon «BLUE GOLD 114» has raced in one-loft races (MEDITERRANEO 2016 and ALGARVE GOLDEN RACE 2016).

Our second ranked bird «POKE» is a grandchild «POKERFACE» (Drapa) and grand grandchild “TORERO (Nico van Noordenne).

We are satisfied with the MIRA OLR and consider participation in 2019!