3. sep, 2018

Total of 4 prize winners at DAPIRACE final (400km)!

Although the top score did not come, we are very pleased to have 4 prized pigeons and a total of 5 arrival pigeons on a hard DAPIRACE final from 400km (about 50% arrived birds in the final).

Both father (orig. HELGESEN RACING PIGEONS) and mother (orig. SG STEFFL) of our best-ranked pigeon «DAPI DREAM» has raced in one-loft races like DAPIRACE 2016 and Ostseerennen 2017.

Our second ranked bird «DREVSJØ 131» is also after racers, were father won 15 prize in Corabia OLR final 2016 and mother (orig. HELGESEN RACING PIGEONS) won a 2nd prize from Drevsjø (450km) in Norwegian section 14.

Regardless of problems with registration of the first arrived final birds, we see that DAPIRACE has become much better at information and has raised the arrangement considerably.

We will consider participation in DAPIRACE also in 2019!