30. aug, 2018

15 prize + 87 prize in TALENT QUATRO - Race 3 (200km)!!

Well performance in todays Talent Quatro race 3, were our "POWER 98" won a 15 prize and "THUNDER 103" won a 87 prize towards 1.078 baketed birds. 

"POWER 98" is after our Drapa and Dickmann-Stroetgets bloodlines 

"THUNDER 103" is after is after our Götz bloodlines. Mother won 78th prize in Ostseeflug Usedom OLR Final 2016 and is a full-sister "ZIGGY" who won 1st price in the Talent Quatro FCI Final 2017 (420km)

We are now looking forward for the next race, and we have 6 birds ready for the semi-final (3 of 5 races are finished).