21. aug, 2018

«HARRYS 048» - 15th ACE bird in Derby Sofia for sale!

Our «HARRYS 048» has 4 of 5 prizes and ranked as 15th ACE bird in Derby Sofia out of 2.645 birds. This fantastic birds was only few seconds from the 5th prized race in the first race (100km), and a top-top ACE ranking. 

«HARRYS 048» raced following:

  • 4p / 1.455b (260km - semifinal)
  • 15 ACE Bird (2.645 birds)
  • 16p / 2.244b (150km)
  • 96p / 1.620b (200km)
  • 195p / 1.290b (420km - Final)
  • 653p / 2.356b (100km)

 This bird is a very nice inbred the Super «HARRY» from Jan Hooymans.  Father won in Corabia 14p in the OLR Final (565km) and 14p in the FCI Final (368km). Mother is double Grand Daughter of the famous «HARRY».

«HARRYS 048» is now for sale at:

 DERBY SOFIA AUCTION LINK  (auction ending 26-08-2018 at 21:00 local time)