18. aug, 2018

15 prize (semifinal 260km) + 3rd ACE bird in SUPER STAR!

Our "WONDER 47" deliver again and won a 15th prize in the Super Star Semi-Final 260km. This bird has performed fantasic so far and ranked as 3rd ACE bird after 4 of 5 races.

"WONDER 47" results so far:

  • 15p / 632b (260km – 1.284m/min)
  • 29p / 717b (160km - 1.358m/min)
  • 42p / 732b (110km - 1.446m/min)
  • 78p / 689b (210km - 1.301m/min)

"WONDER 47" is after our «DIDDI SOFIE» bloodlines from Mellgaard and the great «Wonderboy» bloodlines from Jens Borker.

We are now looking forward for the Super Star FCI final at the 25th of August (380km)!