17. aug, 2018

32 + 34 + 41 prize in the MIRA – Semi-Final (230km)!

Fantastic results and all eight basketed birds trough the semi-final in MIRA 2018, were our «POKE» won 32nd prize, «STAR 110» won a 34th prize and «HARRYS 096» won a 42nd prize in today semi-final in MIRA OLR (230km).

«POKE» is after our «POKERFACE» bloodlines (Drapa) and «TOREROS» bloodlines (Nico van Noordenne).

«STAR 110» is after our «NO LIMIT» - «AMAZING SUPRISE» bloodlines (Nico van Noordenne) and «BLUE WONDER» bloodlines (Drapa).

«HARRY 96» is after our Hooymans and Koopman bloodlines. Father won in Corabia 14p in the OLR Final (565km) and 14p in the FCI Final (368km). Mother is double Grand Daughter of the famous «HARRY».

Full-brother «HARRY 96» raced in Derby Sofia 2018:

  • 4e / 1.455b (260km)
  • 15 ACE bird (2.645 birds)
  • 16e / 2.244b (150km)
  • 96e / 1.404b (200km)
  • 195e / 1.290b (Final 420km)

We looking forward for the FCI Final 1st of September!