15. aug, 2018

20 prize + 59 prize in OSTSEEFLUG - Race 1 (156km)!!

Our «RAKET 125» won a 20th prize and our «YOUNG 119» won a 59th prize in the first race in Ostseeflug Usedom OLR towards 2.028 birds!

«RAKET 125» is nest brother to «RAKET 124» who won 93 prize in todays DAPIRACE Hotspot 3 (145km). These birds are after our bloodlines from our Dutch friend Heijnen & Zoon.

«YOUNG 119» is after our «Kleine Dirk» and «Dromer» bloodlines (Koen van Roy and Koopman).

  • Full sister won 235 prize in the Derby Sofia OLR Final 2018 (420km)
  • Full brother won 37 prize in the Super Star OLR race 2 (160km)
  • Full sister won 83 prize in DAPIRACE hotspot 2 (92km)