12. aug, 2018

78 prize (210km) + 8th ACE bird at SUPER STAR!

Our "WONDER 47" won a 78th prize in the third hotspot Super Start OLR at 210km. This bird has performed very well so far and ranked as 8th ACE bird after 3 of 5 races.

"WONDER 47" results so far:

  • 42p / 732b (110km - 1.446m/min)
  • 29p / 717b (160km - 1.358m/min)
  • 78p / 689b (210km - 1.301m/min)

"WONDER 47" is after our «DIDDI SOFIE» bloodlines from Mellgaard and «Wonderboy» bloodlines from Jens Borker.