11. aug, 2018

51 prize + 76 prize in DAPIRACE – Hotspot 2 (110km)!

In the DAPIRACE Hotspot 2 our «LUCKY DREAM» won a 51st prize and «DAPI DREAM» won a 76th prize towards 1.139 basketed Birds. We are also very happy to get 4 birds at the 25% prize list (Ref. picture next by)

«LUCKY DREAM» is after our OLR bloodlines from Wichert were both parents have raced in the Talent Quatro OLR 2017.

«DAPI DREAM» is after out OLR bloodlines from ourselves and Steffl were both parents raced in respectively DAPIRACE 2016 and Ostseerennen 2017.

This hotspot is included in the World League competition were we still are the leader after three races completed out of 21.

We are looking forward for the next hotspot the coming week!